Programs & Events


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  • 6th Grade Activity Support (6th Grade Science Camp)

The 6th grade class participates in an annual science camp. We provide transportation for science camp.

  • 6th Grade Breakfast & Promotion

Held the morning before the 6th grade promotion, all 6th graders join together to have a final breakfast together as Curtner students. Also in recognition of students progressing on to middle school, there is a ceremony for all 6th graders at the end of the school year.

  • Curtner Art Program (CAP)

The benefits of exercising students artistic abilities for their overall development is well-known. Since Milpitas elementary schools do not have a formalized art program, Curtner attempts to address this at a school level. The CAP varies from year to year and is all volunteer-driven. The funds for this go toward the raw materials needed by the students.

  • Curtner's Got Talent (CGT)

Growing up some with some our school memories include performing ourselves or watching friends on stage. This is a platform to promote creativity and collaboration through performing arts at Curtner.

  • Family Fun Event

An opportunity for Curtner families to meet other families and get together for a fun activity. Examples include Movie Night, Star Gazing Night, International Fair, Karaoke Night, etc.

  • Field Day

Organized by Curtner, this event happens during the last week of school. Students participate in field games. The PTA helps fund and provide volunteers for the event.

  • Field Trips

When you ask your kids what were some of the highlights of their past school year, undoubtedly, the word "field trips" will come up. A large percentage of the PTA's budget goes towards making those memories possible. This activity is organized by school and PTA provides fund support.

  • Friday Club

One Friday a month, students are allowed to participate in a more open ended group activity. This program provides the materials for those activities for intermediate & primary grade students.

  • Guided Reading Kits

Each grade level has a couple sets of structured reading kits to allow the students to progressively improve their reading comprehension. These kits are fairly expensive and need to be replaced occasionally.

  • Kindergarten Social

At the beginning of the school year, incoming kindergarten students and their parents are able to meet and get to know each other and their new school. This program provides materials and refreshments for that event.

  • Library Books

Each year, the school adds new books to their collection for the students weekly reading assignments. This program pays for those books. (Note: Books that are lost or damaged are paid for by the student it was checked out to and not by this fund.)

  • Library Program (Ms. Pham)

Every week, students throughout the school visit the library at the school for structured activities. Funding cuts in education prohibit the ability to have a full time librarian. The PTA provides funding to help subsidize the librarian activities.

  • Movie Night

This is a popular social / community building activity where students gather to watch a family friendly movie at the school. Popcorn, pizza, and drinks are generally available for sale. There is minimal, if any, net expense for this activity.

  • Parent Appreciation Events

In celebration of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, donuts, muffins, and/or Pizza with movie are shared with students and their respective parent. PTA organized and funds this event.

  • Parent Development

Similar to the Parent University where parents can learn from experts on how to help their children succeed in school and in life. This year we called it Parent Development and used it for Common Core training.

  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) Support

PLC is collaboration time for the teachers. Some of the teachers used their PLC time to come up with their Project Based Learning projects for the courtyard. It is a grade level collaboration, meaning all 1st grade teachers meet during their PLC time and all 2nd grade teachers meet during their PLC time, and so on and so on. While the teachers are meeting, their classes are being supervised by the PE Coaches. PTA supports PLC by helping to pay the PE coaches.

  • Project Based Learning (PBL)

One of the ways to help the students learn is through project based learning activities. An examples of this is the Courtyard Beautification Project. The PTA provided funds for the materials used by the students. Working together, the students learned the benefits of working together, while improving the appearance of their courtyard.

  • Safety Items

Occasionally items are needed to help provide equipment used by teachers and parent volunteers to help ensure the safety of the students, while on campus. A recent example of this is the radios used by the teachers/volunteers performing yard duty.

  • Sports / PE equipment

PE would start to get a little boring if all the kids did was run around the field. This program pays for the various sports equipment used by the students.

  • Eagle Store

Curtner attempts to motivate students to maintain positive behavior and attitude by rewarding them with Eagle Bucks. Periodically, each grade level is allowed to visit the Eagle Store to exchange their stamps for small rewards. This program purchases the items made available in the store.

  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch

During their growing years, some of the most influential people in student’s lives are their teachers. In appreciation of their dedication and effort, the PTA hosts an appreciation lunch near the end of the school year.

  • Teacher Grants

In order for teachers to succeed in educating the children, they need to purchase various supplies throughout the school year. The teacher grants makes it possible for them to purchase those supplies.

  • Technology Upgrades

In today's world, the students are using computers for test taking, class research, and a whole variety of academic-related activities. Curtner PTA supports the school in buying laptops, TVs for classroom and other technological equipment.

Past Programs

From year to year, we evaluate the different programs and occasionally change them up. Here are some of the programs from recent years.

  • Assembly Fund/Cultural Celebration

Years ago this was only known as an assembly fund. It was used to help pay for assemblies that the Principal would like to bring in. We added the phrase Cultural Celebration because, this money had started to be used for cultural assemblies during school and in the evenings. We had Diwali Celebrations, Chinese Acrobats assemblies, Filipino Cultural Extravaganzas, Cinco De Mayo celebrations, etc.

  • Science Camp Scholarship

Unfortunately due to new regulations, we are no longer allowed to give science camp scholarships to individual students. Instead, we are giving a lump sum of money, which is under 6th grade activity support, to go towards Science camp. To ensure the money is used towards Science camp this program is now the 6th Grade Science Camp.

  • Student Recognition

This money was to be used to recognize student achievements in Reading Counts. Certificates were made and passed out to students.

  • Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA)

The rapid increase in Curtner's instructional technology integration has made the TOSA position vital as it is provides the daily on-site support teachers and students needed for its smooth operation. The TOSA also coordinates before and after school supplemental programs, Student Study Teams, and ongoing data collection of student progress to ensure timely and responsive instruction and intervention for Curtner students.