Here goes the first "TEST" post

Post date: Aug 17, 2014 9:37:26 AM

Hey Bill,

So here's some website related stuff I've done.

  1. Changed the home page a bit, in hopes of making it more mobile friendly

  2. Edited some content that was dated.

  3. Changed the format somewhat and added some links

  4. Added a section that is tied in to the MailChimp emails. It works like an RSS Reader.

  5. I added a brief blurb on how to subscribe to our News page via RSS Reader

Check it out.


  1. Added a new announcement page called "News Feed Testing", here's the link

  2. Set up an RSS driven email campaign in MailChimp that will use the News Feed Testing page as an RSS Feed. Meaning, that when we create a new post on our News Feed Testing page, it will be picked up by MailChimp and sent out (sends out every day at 5PM when new posts are added). At least that's the plan.

Only you and I will receive these emails during the pilot. I was thinking about testing this thing out for a week or two, to see if it works. So, please do create new posts, daily or every other day. I will do the same. If we receive them, great! We'll share what we find, and decide if we should add that functionality to our current News page.


Mauricio Gavidia

Curtner PTA

p: 408.800.1088