The Importance of Membership

by Mauricio Gavidia

President & Membership Chair for 2014-2015

There is tremendous value to joining the PTA. The organization does many great things to make school life more engaging and fun for the students. This in turn makes school a place students enjoy, and a more effective environment for learning.

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Personally speaking, as a parent of two children, I see the need for me to help them with their own individual success. There are many studies showing the positive influence in student performance that parent involvement in children’s schools make. Of course we all are biased towards our own children to some degree, and we want to support them as much as possible. For some of us, our desire for them to be superior to their peers in school performance leads us to a belief that all our resources should be directed exclusively for our own children’s benefit, and we lose sight of the more important need to help improve the environment and the influences that our children will be surrounded by. Being a member of the PTA serves as one of, if not the best, way to demonstrate this and support a positive environment.

When our children see their parents and teachers being part of the PTA, they internalize the values they see in school, family, and community. They will develop an inner drive to live up to those values, regardless if we as parents are there or not. This is an incredibly powerful lesson and value to instill in our children. It will greatly improve their chances of success later in life.

A culture of excellence is what our children need, to gain powerful habits of success. In our capitalist economy, due to its competitive nature, true success will only be found if children are surrounded by a high caliber environment.

It’s easy to be mediocre and excel in an environment which is below average. The only way to create a meaningful pattern of success is to develop the school environment as a whole, and support every student to reach their potential. Only when immersed in a culture which values high standards and performance will students internalize these lessons. If we make the effort to engage and create this at an early stage in a student’s life, it will manifest into positive habits that will be part of them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

There are many challenges our children and their schools face. Proposition 13 has affected local communities’ ability to contribute tax revenue to their own school’s funding, as it is taken by the state government and dispersed throughout California. There are gaps in funding and resources, which only seem to grow each year. As budgets are cut, so are programs and staffing. Inflation adds to these challenges by making the monetary difference between budgets and what is needed even wider. The PTA helps bridge these gaps.

Here’s something to consider…

Many of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the state have their own private foundations set up to help fund their local schools. Some of these organizations bring in millions of dollars a year to fund programs they want their school children to participate in. This leads to more well rounded students and helps create individuals who will possess a competitive advantage over the students who do not get exposure to anything but the basic requirements. Many of the public schools in these districts are comparable to some of best private schools in the country. In the competitive world of global economics that our children will someday be adults in, their readiness to be competitive in the marketplace will be key to their success.

Becoming a member of the PTA is a very important. We help support all that it does. Membership dues help fund programs to benefit the student body. We stay informed. We are able to participate in discussions and vote on issues affecting our children’s school experience.

We each choose the level of involvement we are comfortable with. No time commitment is required. We only ask for your support, as little or as much, as you are able to provide. Becoming a member is one of the simplest ways to do so. It will be the best $10 you spend this year! Please join us.

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