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Math Challenge


Curtner PTA will continue to run The Math Challenge Program for the school year 2020-2021!

Given that 2020-2021 is a special year, PTA will not be collecting results. We are discontinuing the reward system starting this year. This is an opportunity for Curtner students to explore some challenging Math problems at home and bond with their parents/guardians.

The program started Friday (9/25) and will run with biweekly challenges posted until 5/7/2021 for a total of 15 challenges through the school year.

Here are the details for The Math Challenge Program:

Program NameMath Challenge (Math Enrichment at Home)

OrganizationEllipsis Academy
Program Description A free school-wide math enrichment program consisting of a series of challenging and interesting math problems with the goal to promote critical thinking, encourage love for math, and provide bonding time with parents.
Guardians print challenge, check solution, and grade their own children.
Registration Date Registration not required
Opens September 25th
Program Details, Materials & Dates
Level of challengeEasy to Medium. Not competitive. More of Math Enrichment at home
CoachingAt Home (Guardians/Parents)
Confidentiality of QuestionsNone

Curtner Math Challenge Team