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Math Challenge


Math Challenge is coming to Curtner Elementary this September. A free school-wide math enrichment program consisting of series of challenging and interesting math problems with the goal to promote critical thinking, encourage love for math, and provide bonding time with parents. Participation
1. Print the latest math challenge from
2. Student needs to use the print out and complete the challenge problems before the close date (see “Challenge Closes and Results Posted” in table below) 3. Save the paperwork (no need to upload or send us anything) Scoring
1. Once solution is available, it can be accessed at (e.g. click on the MC x Solutions link corresponding to the challenge your student participated in) 2. Student to work with their parent and score their work using the solution to identify number of correct answers (honor system) 3. Once scoring is complete, parent to update the google form corresponding to the challenge (see table below) with your student’s score (honor system) Recognition
All entries will be considered for achievement certificate and a reward if students meet minimum of 4/5 challenges with the following
        - Kinder & First Grade: scores 3 or higher
        - Second & Third Grade: scores 7 or higher
        - Fourth Grade and above: scores 12 or higher

If you have any questions, feel free contact us at

Math Challenge Detailed Schedule

Math Challenge #Challenge OpensChallenge Results PostedParents to cross check answer and post # correct answers in google formChallenge Entry in Google Form OpensChallenge Entry in Google Form Closes


1. How to participate in match challenge?
Check for the schedule. Print the sheet and get the kids to complete the challenge.

2. How/Where to submit the completed match challenge?
Submissions are online tracked through a google form which opens 2 weeks from the date of challenge. The solution for the challenge is posted along with the next challenge after 2 weeks. Parents to check the answers for correctness prior to entering the data in google form.

3. Where to check the result of math challenge?
The results of the Math challenge will be available on the date of the next challenge.

4. What is the role of PARENTS?
Parents need to grade the math challenge sheet for the their kids comparing them to the solution. Subsequent to grading they enter number of correct answers in google form for hall of fame consideration.

4. What is the role of TEACHERS?
Math Challenge is purely run by PTA volunteers with the help of parents. There is no involvement of teachers..

5. Where do we submit the solution / answer sheet? 
No need to submit the solutions or answer sheets to anyone. Please Use the google forms corresponding to math challenge as listed above. Tracking is done online.

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