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Who is Curtner Elementary PTA?

Curtner School's PTA is a non-profit organization as classified by the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501(c), a passionate group of unpaid volunteers, made up of parents and teaching professionals who selflessly give of their time and talents for the betterment of every student's school experience.  They raise funds and strive to bridge the widening gap between what kids deserve and the resources available.  They're challenged with the limitations of Proposition 13, school budget cutbacks, such as reduced school staff and programs, and increasing costs.

They welcome participation from every parent that wishes to help!  They greatly appreciate volunteers and donations!

Please, don't be shy and contact them for any community related issue, or just to say "Hello."  They are here to serve our community.  They believe it is a privilege to provide support to you and your children.  Hopefully, you will find that all of you together make up your Curtner Elementary Extended Family.

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